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Sadhana USA's Strength and Agility Class (K-12)

Strength and Agility sessions are designed to be a full body workout that emphasises the strengthening of core muscles to improve explosiveness and agility.  Participants range from athletes looking to improve performance to students looking to be more active but all participants learn discipline (proper techniques) and persistence (not quiting when it hurts) by pushing themselves to be the best they can be!

Weights, reps, sets and intensity naturally adjust to accomodate a broad range of ages. Having athletes from K-12 at each workout, lends itself for tremendous mentoring opportunities.  

Classes will vary from week to week but will all be 55 mins long and be held @ Casey Ochs Studio (86th and Ditch) see real time calendar below.

Drop in Cost is $10 per session, per person - minimum class sizes must be met to run the session so Please - RSVP email is recommended with Name, Age and class date to 

First Time Attendees should bring a Family Profile Document and an Activity Waiver found on our contact us page.